Busy Lifestyle Syndrome

Forgetful, lapse in memory, clumsy, and frantic is what happens to a person with Busy Lifestyle Syndrome.  It’s a condition that people either WISH they had it, or could get far far away from it.  Do you feel like you’re living day by day, struggling to remember the most simple things from your phone number, your car keys, or the name of someone you just met?  You may be suffering from Busy Lifestyle Syndrome, and not even know it!

In today’s world of “convenience,” with smartphones, e-mail, and instant messaging, your “inbox” will NEVER be empty and is constantly piling up with more and more work, things to do, and places to go, whether it’s just for work, or your own personal goals in life.  We have many areas of overstimulation in our daily lives from the messages we see on TV to the text messages on our smartphones of things and tasks we have to get done.  If this sort of lifestyle fits you, you may have Busy Lifestyle Syndrome…

Think you have Busy Lifestyle Syndrome?

Do you find yourself:

  • Forgetting one or two things from home before taking off to work?
  • Forgetting where you parked the car?
  • Could not remember what you were going to order for food when you’re at the front of the line?
  • Find yourself at the fridge with a task in mind, but simply forgot?
  • Find your normal everyday work tasks daunting and difficult?
  • Having small lapses in memory and thinking, “What was I doing here?” or “What am I doing right now?”

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, you may be suffering from Busy Lifestyle Syndrome, and should see a licensed mental health practitioner to get medical attention.  This condition is on the extreme rise, and is continually causing a ton of fuss in the recent media.  What can you do to alleviate your lapses in memory?  Firstly, it’s better to understand the condition itself before beginning any sort of treatment – like curing a cold, it’s better to understand what the common cold is first before curing it.

What is Busy Lifestyle Syndrome?

Busy Lifestyle Syndrome is a condition where the brain is so loaded with information that it does not have the time or resources to store/process it all.  In a normal, healthy working brain, the mind is constantly taking in information and processing the important parts and putting it into our short-term memory (hippocampus region).  Someone who has Busy Lifestyle Syndrome is so flooded in information that he or she cannot extract the most important parts and put it into short-term memory.

For instance, you are meeting someone for the first time and have a short conversation with them.  You exchange names, chat for a while, and then part ways.  Later, you cannot remember this person’s name, or the color of their hair.  You only remember you talked about horses for a brief moment.

In this example, the mind did not extract simple information from the other person’s name, or even the color of their hair, but you had a short chat about horses.  While just about everyone has been guilty for forgetting someone’s name on the first meeting, but forgetting simple information like what they were wearing, what they looked like, or the color of their hair is a strong indicator of having Busy Lifestyle Syndrome.  If you can empathize with this story or if a similar situation has happened to you on numerous occasions, then we recommend that you should really consider seeing a mental health professional about the possibility of having Busy Lifestyle Syndrome.

Now we’ve all played the “let’s guess our acquaintance’s name” game, but if you find it constantly happening, then that could be a sign, but don’t take it from us.  Talk to a mental health professional about it if you constantly find yourself suffering from mental memory lapses.

What to do with Busy Lifestyle Syndrome

So you found out you have Busy Lifestyle Syndrome?  That sucks, but it doesn’t mean the world is going to end (we survived 2012!).  Here’s a few pointers on how to give your brain some much needed rest and relaxation:

  • Yoga and/or Meditation – this will clear out your constantly learning mind.  We recommend the Transcendental Meditation technique (Aff link if possible)
  • Exercise – You can’t go wrong with getting fit, whether it’s just taking a quick 10 minute jog, or hitting the weight room, your body won’t have time to think about your crazy day ahead of you and focus on exercising.  Plus, it will elevate your mood and overall, make you feel better!
  • Have Sex – Sex does wonders for your mind, body, and spirit. There’s not much else to this…  Also, shake weights don’t count.  Sorry ladies.
  • Stop Being Busy – The cause of you having Busy Lifestyle Syndrome itself is well, having a busy lifestyle!  Take a vacation, relax, do something for yourself and have a good time.  Taking a small vacation that lasts just one weekend will recharge and refresh you like crazy.
  • Use Alphabrain – Alphabrain is a nootropic blend that has been proven to provide a clearer head and drastically improve memory.  Check out alphabrain here

Busy Lifestyle Syndrome is a new psychology syndrome, and it’s something to be worried about.  Busy Lifestyle Syndrome affects millions of people around the world.  Don’t get left behind, and stop suffering from memory lapses.  Do something about your Busy Lifestyle Syndrome today!

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